Jesus Andrade Campaign Teams Up with Keu Reyes and SPREAD for Strategic Campaign Management

January 18, 2024

Stockton, CA – In a significant move to continue incrementing momentum in his mayoral campaign, Jesus Andrade has officially appointed Keu Reyes and his strategic agency, SPREAD, as the campaign management team. This partnership signals a new phase of innovative and dynamic campaigning in the race for Stockton’s mayoral seat.

Keu Reyes, known for his visionary approach to political strategy, brings a wealth of experience to the Jesus Andrade campaign. Under his leadership, SPREAD has been instrumental in reshaping political campaigns with cutting-edge strategies and a deep understanding of voter engagement.

“The decision to bring Keu Reyes and SPREAD on board reflects our commitment to running a campaign that is modern, effective, and deeply connected with the community of Stockton,” said Jesus Andrade. “With their expertise, we aim to reach every voter and address the issues that matter most to our community.”

The campaign also continues its collaboration with 3AM Communications, a consulting agency specializing in all areas of political and issue graphic communications. The expertise and skills of 3AM Communications have been and will continue to be an invaluable asset in effectively communicating our vision and messages to the voters.

SPREAD’s approach combines data-driven digital strategies with grassroots mobilization, aiming to create a powerful and persuasive campaign. The agency’s successful track record in candidate branding and campaign management positions them to make a significant impact on Andrade’s journey towards the mayoral office.

Keu Reyes expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “It is an honor to work with a candidate as passionate and dedicated as Jesus Andrade. Our team at SPREAD is excited to bring our expertise to this campaign. We are committed to innovating and implementing strategies that will not only resonate with the voters of Stockton but also pave the way for meaningful change.’

This strategic partnership is set to energize the Jesus Andrade campaign even more, bringing a fresh perspective and robust tactics to the forefront of the electoral race. As the campaign gears up for the upcoming election, the team is confident that their combined efforts will leave a lasting impact on the political landscape of Stockton.

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