Stockton, CA – [Date] – In a significant development for the mayoral race in Stockton, Jesus Andrade has received a high-profile endorsement from José Hernandez, an astronaut and a proud son of Stockton. This endorsement brings together two individuals with deep ties to the city, united by their shared vision for its future.

José Hernandez, known for his inspiring journey from the fields of Stockton to the expanses of space, has voiced strong support for Jesus Andrade’s candidacy. “Jesus Andrade represents the best of Stockton. His commitment to the city, understanding of our diverse communities, and his vision for progress resonate with me. I believe he is the leader Stockton needs at this crucial time,” said Hernandez.

Jesus Andrade, a native of Stockton and a candidate known for his grassroot connections and dedication to the city, expressed his gratitude for the endorsement. “Having the support of José Hernandez, a true Stockton hero, is an immense honor. His story of perseverance and achievement inspires us all. This endorsement strengthens our campaign and our resolve to work for a brighter future for Stockton,” said Andrade.

Both Andrade and Hernandez share a common background, with roots in Michoacán, Mexico, and families who worked in agriculture. This shared heritage and their commitment to giving back to the community have created a strong bond between the two.

The endorsement is expected to give a significant boost to the Jesus Andrade campaign, as it looks to bring new energy and ideas to the mayoral office in Stockton. With Hernandez’s support, Andrade’s message of unity, progress, and community engagement is set to reach an even wider audience.

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